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Godwin_ equipments
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Nama:Tn. Rio [Pemasaran]
Pesan Instan:
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Rio di Surabaya
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Rio di Surabaya
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. Rio di Surabaya
Alamat:Ruko Rungkut Megah Raya Blok I No:19
Surabaya 60293, Jawa Timur
Produk-produk kami aman, ramah lingkungan, dilengkapi dengan: Data teknikal aplikasi, sertifikasi penunjang & Safety Data Sheet, sehingga tearah dampaknya terhadap material yg diaplikasi, bagi aplikator dan lingkungan. info detail e-mail kami di ryuparamm
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Tanggal Bergabung:12 Sep. 2012
Terakhir Diperbarui:19 Nov. 2014
Sifat Dasar Usaha:Dagang dari kategori Kebutuhan Industri

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GUARDIAN Lab & DURA-METAL Authorized Distributor Indonesia Timur

Ruko Rungkut Megah Raya Blok I No.19
Jl. Raya Kali Rungkut No.5 Surabaya 60293
fax: 031-8705246
CP: Rio 0822 3393 8160; 0838 5431 5454
e-mail: ryuparamma@

Perum Taman Jimbarang, Jl. Ry. Cor Jimbaran C15
Badung, Bali 80361

Jl. Sungai Sadang Baru No.70
tlp. 0411-421859 fax: 0411-4664780

Auhorized Dealer brands:
- GUARDIAN Laboratories ( USA) cleaning & maintenance experties,
- DURA-METAL Welding Wire ( USA) , Joining & Wear Protection Alloys, Forgings & Speciality Steel,

Dealer Agent brands:
- PETRO CANADA ( Canada) Lubricants
- FLUKE ( USA) Instruments
- NOFIRE Cable Coating
- VIKING Fire Protection System
- YOUNGNAM ( Korea) Pipe Coupling

GUARDIAN Laboratories since its inception in 1986, with its superior formulation and direct imported products from USA. Our Company has grown swiftly & steadily, evolving into the dynamic & trusted brand that we now represent. Though the years, we have moulded & built up an lean & specializes in manufacturing, suppliying cleaning, maintenance solutions & designed for comercial & industrial use.
Our client industries segment include: Manufacturing, Marine Offshore, Shipping, Agriculture, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Cement Plant, Mining, Steel mills, Paper mills, Automobile, Construction, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Assemble & Commercial Buildings, & many other numereus industries.
We also provide effective & affordable cusmtomized blending.
In today' s challenging business environment, beyond being a supplier of robust cleaning & maintenance products & services, we have achieved several corporate milestones, to date. We are also awarded the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification,
The following information exhibit GUARDIAN Laboratories products range commitment to hight quality standard, recognised through local & global network from Distributors & Agents by company world wide.
Should you require any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact us & our technical specialists.
-- Info web:

Dura-Metal welding consumables are maunfactures in the U.S.A. & distributed by companies worlwide. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction with product quality to all welding & coating needs has always been the company' s philosphy. This has resulted in mutually rewarding & efficient corporation with numereus industries. Namely: cement, steel, sugar, mining, oilfield, petrochemical, paper, glass, automotive, marine, refractory & advanced material industries.
Our Products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 procedures & other internationally recognised quality standard.
The following tabulated exhibit various procedures, alloy group & application data related the DURA-METAL range. Other custom made products are also available upon request.
Please feel free to contact us & our application engineer can assist you to select the solutions best suited for your type of application
-- Info web:

- PETRO CANADA Lubricants -
Selecting the right lubricant can save you time, money & improve your production
Petro-Canada' s Tangible Saving Solutions
True performance is working consistently at higher levels than your competitor
Petro-Canada lubricant products are designed to outperform competitive lubricants in a wide range of demanding applications.
Our remarkable lubricants, pecialty fluids & grease have a growing reputation for maximing equipment performance, customer savings & customer productivity. That translates into Tangible Saving Solutions we can confidently make to our customers.
How Is this achieved? By using Petro-Canada' s series of value models for comparing current lubricant choices with our lubricant products. The differences may suprise you.
We start by getting to know the speciffics of your business & the nature & extent of your lubricantion needs. We work with you to develop a detailed written plan to produce meaningful, sustainable cost savings.
That' s how we provide Tangible Savings Solutions for you! - And that' s how we save your money

Untuk informasi lebih detail kontak kami by e-mail ke: ryuparamma@

Produk / Jasa Utama
  • PIPE COUPLING - Coupling pipes technologies
    Coupling for new instalation & repair of pipelines
  • GUARDIAN Laboratories - The Region's Premier of Cleaning & Maintenance Experties
    Kami menawarkan solusi yg cepat & tepat untuk cleaning & maintenance
    - Corrosion treatment & prevention,
    -- CLEARCOAT: Polyacrylate protective coating
    -- GUARDIAN-7030: Amber protective coating
    -- PEEL-OFF: Temporary peelable protective coating
    -- RUST-GUARD: Rust converter
    -- STEEL-GUARD: Pure 316 stainless steel urethane coating
    -- TC-1000: High heat aluminium coating
    -- ZINC-GUARD: Cold galvanizing coating

    - Cleaner / stripper / degreaser
    -- CARBOSOLV: Carbon remover
    -- DEPRIVE-S: Super stubborn stain & paint stripper
    -- DE-RUST: Corrosion remover & metal conditioner
    -- GARDROX: Acidic detergent renovator
    -- GARDROX SPECIAL: Organic ink renovator
    -- GASKET-OFF: Heavy duty gasket remover
    -- GUARDMAX: Super corrosion inhibiting water solvent degreaser
    -- GUARDMAX-NC: Water solvent degreaser
    -- RENOCRETE-S: Cement, lime & mortar remover
    -- SOLOX: Water soluble surface renovator

    - Electrical & mechanical maintenanace
    -- AIR-DUSTER: Aerosol precision cleaner
    -- BATTERY GUARD: 4-in-1 battery cleaner & protector
    -- CiRCUIT COOLER: Instant chill for electrical & electronics components
    -- CLEAN-TACT: Superior high purity contact cleaner
    -- DEMOIST: Super demoisturising lubricant
    -- ELECSOLV: Quick action renovating safety solvent
    -- FOAM-SEALER: Moisture curing one-component polyurethane sealer
    -- GCD-3: Crack detecting system: cleaner, penetrant, developer
    -- INSTANT: Penetrant & release agent
    -- INSULATING SPRAY: Industrial insulating varnish: Clear, Red
    -- INSULATING VARNISH CLASS F: Rapid air-dry insulating varnish
    -- INSULATING VARNISH CLASS H: Solvented impregnation insulating varnish
    -- LOCKFREE: High temperature, anti-seize sealant & lubricant
    -- METAL-FIX: Industrial metallic patching compound

    - Transportation
    -- G-COOL: Protective engine coolant
    -- GRC-38: Non-acid radiator cleaner
    -- MOTOR-ON: Transportation heavy duty degreaser

    - Drain, plumbing system & sewage maintenance
    -- CHOKE-SOLV: Super drain chokage opener & renovator

    - Air-conditioning & Colling System Treatment
    -- AIRTAB: Self-dissolving condensate tablets
    -- COILGUARD: Self-rinsing cooler & chiller coil renovator
    -- COIL-LITE: Condenser renovator & brightener
    -- M-SHINE: Alkaline coil cleaner & brightener

    - Water treatment
    -- ALGECIDE: Anti-algae treatment for water bodies
    -- GC-28: Water conditioner for cooling systems
    -- GSA-30: Anti-algae / slime treatment for cooling systems
    -- G-2000: Multi-functional water treatment
    -- GDS-2: Fast-acting descaler
    -- pH07: pH reductant
    -- pH12: pH elevator
    -- VITEX: Soot & carbon deposit remover

    - Housekeeping, multi-purpose hospital-grade
    -- BIN-G-SOL: Industrial & environmental deoderizing fluids
    -- GARDOSOL: Renovator for food processing areas
    -- MULTI-RINSE: All purpose surface renovator & deodoriser
    -- SANI-STOUT: Acid-free hard-surface renovator & brightener
    -- VIROTRO-EX: Multi-purpose hospital-grade liquid disinfectant / sanitizer

    - Speciality Lubricants
    -- BELT-GRIP: Belt conditioner
    -- GFC-111: Concentrated fuel conditioner
    -- SPRAYON: Industrial multipurpose silicon spray

    - Environment & Pollution Control
    -- DISPERSANT 333: Oil dispersant
    -- OIL SORBENT PAD: Oil only absorbent pads

    - Personal Hygiene
    -- PEARL: Waterless hand cleanser
  • DURA-METAL - High Quality Maintenance Welding & Thermal Surfacing Products
    High performance industrial welding wire, repair & maintenance specialities
    - SPEEDCUT: Gouging
    - B411 Super: Kuningan, Tembaga & Perunggu - AWS: ECuSn
    - S688EX1, CP687, CP603: Baja / Problem Steel
    - CP700, CP603: Under Layer
    - W728, CP710: Hard Surfacing
    - A310: Aluminium - AWS: EAl4043
    - CI212, CI215, CI214, CI205: Cast Iron - AWS: ENiCl (Ni 93%), ESt, ENiCl (Ni 99%), ENiFeCl
    - S635, S636, S628L, N502: Stainless Steel - AWS: E316, E310, E308, ENiCrMo
  • PETRO CANADA Lubricants
    Petro Canada
    - Automotive Lubricants :
    -- Automatic Transmission:
    ---- ATF D3M
    ---- Dexron-VI ATF
    -- Automotive Gear Oils:
    ---- Traxon 75W-90
    ---- Traxon 80W-90
    ---- Traxon 85W-140
    -- Heavy Duty Engine Oils:
    ---- Duron-E API CJ-4,
    ---- Duron-E 0W-40
    ---- Duron XL
    -- Passenger Car Motor Oils:
    ---- Supreme
    ---- Supreme Synthetic

    - Grease and Compound :
    -- Peerless LLG and OG
    -- Precision
    -- Thermex

    - Industrial Lubricants :
    -- Compressor Oils :
    ---- Compro,
    ---- Reflo A,
    ---- Reflo Synthetic 68A,
    ---- SPX
    -- Food Grade Oils :
    ---- Purity FG Compressor,
    ---- Purity FG EP Gear,
    ---- Purity FG Heat Transfer,
    ---- Purity FG AW Hydraulic,
    ---- Purity FG WO White,
    ---- Purity FG Food Machinery
    -- Heat Transfer Fluids :
    ---- Calflo AF,
    ---- Calflo HTF,
    ---- Calflo LT
    -- Hydraulic Fluids :
    ---- Hydrex AW
    -- Industrial Gear Oils :
    ---- Enduratex EP and Xl,
    ---- Enduratex Synthetic EP,
    ---- Synduro HB
    -- Natural Gas Engine Oils :
    ---- Sentron LD
    -- Transformator Fluids :
    ---- Luminol TR / TRi
    -- Turbine Oils :
    ---- Turboflo

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