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Nama:Tn. Rio [Pemasaran]
Pesan Instan:
PIN BlackBerry: 29F7DECD 29F7DECD
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Rio di Surabaya
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Rio di Surabaya
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. Rio di Surabaya
Alamat:Ruko Rungkut Megah Raya Blok I No:19
Surabaya 60293, Jawa Timur
Produk-produk kami aman, ramah lingkungan, dilengkapi dengan: Data teknikal aplikasi, sertifikasi penunjang & Safety Data Sheet, sehingga tearah dampaknya terhadap material yg diaplikasi, bagi aplikator dan lingkungan.
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Tanggal Bergabung:12 Sep. 2012
Terakhir Diperbarui:21 Mar. 2014
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Penjelasan Ringkas

GUARDIAN Lab & DURA-METAL Authorized Distributor Indonesia Timur

Ruko Rungkut Megah Raya Blok I No.19
Jl. Raya Kali Rungkut No.5 Surabaya 60293
tlp. 031-71888975; 031-8705241, fax: 031-8705246
info e-mail: ryuparamma@

Perum Taman Jimbarang, Jl. Ry. Cor Jimbaran C15, Badung
Bali 80361
tlp. 081 738 7642; 085 739 404 888
info e-mail: ramapunjadi@

Jl. Sungai Sadang Baru No.70 Makassar
tlp. 0411-421859 fax: 0411-4664780
info e-mail: get.makassar@

Auhorized Dealer brands:
- GUARDIAN Laboratories cleaning & maintenance experties,
- DURA-METAL Welding Wire, Joining & Wear Protection Alloys, Forgings & Speciality Steel,

Dealer Agent brands:
- PETRO CANADA Lubricants

GUARDIAN Laboratories since its inception in 1986, with its superior formulation and direct imported products from USA. Our Company has grown swiftly & steadily, evolving into the dynamic & trusted brand that we now represent. Though the years, we have moulded & built up an lean & specializes in manufacturing, suppliying cleaning, maintenance solutions & designed for comercial & industrial use.
Our client industries segment include: Manufacturing, Marine Offshore, Shipping, Agriculture, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Cement Plant, Mining, Steel mills, Paper mills, Automobile, Construction, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Assemble & Commercial Buildings, & many other numereus industries.
We also provide effective & affordable cusmtomized blending.
In today' s challenging business environment, beyond being a supplier of robust cleaning & maintenance products & services, we have achieved several corporate milestones, to date. We are also awarded the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification,
The following information exhibit GUARDIAN Laboratories products range commitment to hight quality standard, recognised through local & global network from Distributors & Agents by company world wide.
Should you require any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact us & our technical specialists.
-- Info web:

Dura-Metal welding consumables are maunfactures in the U.S.A. & distributed by companies worlwide. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction with product quality to all welding & coating needs has always been the company' s philosphy. This has resulted in mutually rewarding & efficient corporation with numereus industries. Namely: cement, steel, sugar, mining, oilfield, petrochemical, paper, glass, automotive, marine, refractory & advanced material industries.
Our Products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 procedures & other internationally recognised quality standard.
The following tabulated exhibit various procedures, alloy group & application data related the DURA-METAL range. Other custom made products are also available upon request.
Please feel free to contact us & our application engineer can assist you to select the solutions best suited for your type of application
-- Info web:

- PETRO CANADA Lubricants -
Selecting the right lubricant can save you time, money & improve your production
Petro-Canada' s Tangible Saving Solutions
True performance is working consistently at higher levels than your competitor
Petro-Canada lubricant products are designed to outperform competitive lubricants in a wide range of demanding applications.
Our remarkable lubricants, pecialty fluids & grease have a growing reputation for maximing equipment performance, customer savings & customer productivity. That translates into Tangible Saving Solutions we can confidently make to our customers.
How Is this achieved? By using Petro-Canada' s series of value models for comparing current lubricant choices with our lubricant products. The differences may suprise you.
We start by getting to know the speciffics of your business & the nature & extent of your lubricantion needs. We work with you to develop a detailed written plan to produce meaningful, sustainable cost savings.
Next, we propose the most cost effective lubricant for each application without compromising the protection & performance of your equipment, or the manufacturer' s warranty.
We focus on the opportunity of using the same lubricant for multiple applications to simplify product ordering, inventory & applications to reduce your overall lubrication costs. We can also provide you with lubrication surveys, leakage control studies, flow rate studies, & other specialized services to help you get the most out of your lubrication dollars.
We also track progress, recommended course corrections, if necessary, & back this up with the best " Non-Nonsense Warranty " in the business to help put your mind at ease. And we also provide top notch training for your maintenance professionals to help them select the right lubricant, in the right equipment, in the right quantity, at the right time. All these services are documented to help you track & evaluate the impact of our service support.
That' s how we provide Tangible Savings Solutions for you! - And that' s how we save your money

Produk / Jasa Utama
  • GUARDIAN Laboratories - The Region's Premier of Cleaning & Maintenance Experties
    Kami menawarkan solusi yg cepat & tepat untuk cleaning & maintenance
    - Corrosion treatment & prevention,
    -- CLEARCOAT: Polyacrylate protective coating
    -- GUARDIAN-7030: Amber protective coating
    -- PEEL-OFF: Temporary peelable protective coating
    -- RUST-GUARD: Rust converter
    -- STEEL-GUARD: Pure 316 stainless steel urethane coating
    -- TC-1000: High heat aluminium coating
    -- ZINC-GUARD: Cold galvanizing coating

    - Cleaner / stripper / degreaser
    -- CARBOSOLV: Carbon remover
    -- DEPRIVE-S: Super stubborn stain & paint stripper
    -- DE-RUST: Corrosion remover & metal conditioner
    -- GARDROX: Acidic detergent renovator
    -- GARDROX SPECIAL: Organic ink renovator
    -- GASKET-OFF: Heavy duty gasket remover
    -- GUARDMAX: Super corrosion inhibiting water solvent degreaser
    -- GUARDMAX-NC: Water solvent degreaser
    -- RENOCRETE-S: Cement, lime & mortar remover
    -- SOLOX: Water soluble surface renovator

    - Electrical & mechanical maintenanace
    -- AIR-DUSTER: Aerosol precision cleaner
    -- BATTERY GUARD: 4-in-1 battery cleaner & protector
    -- CiRCUIT COOLER: Instant chill for electrical & electronics components
    -- CLEAN-TACT: Superior high purity contact cleaner
    -- DEMOIST: Super demoisturising lubricant
    -- ELECSOLV: Quick action renovating safety solvent
    -- FOAM-SEALER: Moisture curing one-component polyurethane sealer
    -- GCD-3: Crack detecting system: cleaner, penetrant, developer
    -- INSTANT: Penetrant & release agent
    -- INSULATING SPRAY: Industrial insulating varnish: Clear, Red
    -- INSULATING VARNISH CLASS F: Rapid air-dry insulating varnish
    -- INSULATING VARNISH CLASS H: Solvented impregnation insulating varnish
    -- LOCKFREE: High temperature, anti-seize sealant & lubricant
    -- METAL-FIX: Industrial metallic patching compound

    - Transportation
    -- G-COOL: Protective engine coolant
    -- GRC-38: Non-acid radiator cleaner
    -- MOTOR-ON: Transportation heavy duty degreaser

    - Drain, plumbing system & sewage maintenance
    -- CHOKE-SOLV: Super drain chokage opener & renovator

    - Air-conditioning & Colling System Treatment
    -- AIRTAB: Self-dissolving condensate tablets
    -- COILGUARD: Self-rinsing cooler & chiller coil renovator
    -- COIL-LITE: Condenser renovator & brightener
    -- M-SHINE: Alkaline coil cleaner & brightener

    - Water treatment
    -- ALGECIDE: Anti-algae treatment for water bodies
    -- GC-28: Water conditioner for cooling systems
    -- GSA-30: Anti-algae / slime treatment for cooling systems
    -- G-2000: Multi-functional water treatment
    -- GDS-2: Fast-acting descaler
    -- pH07: pH reductant
    -- pH12: pH elevator
    -- VITEX: Soot & carbon deposit remover

    - Housekeeping, multi-purpose hospital-grade
    -- BIN-G-SOL: Industrial & environmental deoderizing fluids
    -- GARDOSOL: Renovator for food processing areas
    -- MULTI-RINSE: All purpose surface renovator & deodoriser
    -- SANI-STOUT: Acid-free hard-surface renovator & brightener
    -- VIROTRO-EX: Multi-purpose hospital-grade liquid disinfectant / sanitizer

    - Speciality Lubricants
    -- BELT-GRIP: Belt conditioner
    -- GFC-111: Concentrated fuel conditioner
    -- SPRAYON: Industrial multipurpose silicon spray

    - Environment & Pollution Control
    -- DISPERSANT 333: Oil dispersant
    -- OIL SORBENT PAD: Oil only absorbent pads

    - Personal Hygiene
    -- PEARL: Waterless hand cleanser
  • DURA-METAL - High Quality Maintenance Welding & Thermal Surfacing Products
    High performance industrial welding wire, repair & maintenance specialities
    - SPEEDCUT: Gouging
    - B411 Super: Kuningan, Tembaga & Perunggu - AWS: ECuSn
    - S688EX1, CP687, CP603: Baja / Problem Steel
    - CP700, CP603: Under Layer
    - W728, CP710: Hard Surfacing
    - A310: Aluminium - AWS: EAl4043
    - CI212, CI215, CI214, CI205: Cast Iron - AWS: ENiCl (Ni 93%), ESt, ENiCl (Ni 99%), ENiFeCl
    - S635, S636, S628L, N502: Stainless Steel - AWS: E316, E310, E308, ENiCrMo
  • PETRO CANADA Lubricants
    Petro Canada
    - Automotive Lubricants :
    -- Automatic Transmission:
    ---- ATF D3M
    ---- Dexron-VI ATF
    -- Automotive Gear Oils:
    ---- Traxon 75W-90
    ---- Traxon 80W-90
    ---- Traxon 85W-140
    -- Heavy Duty Engine Oils:
    ---- Duron-E API CJ-4,
    ---- Duron-E 0W-40
    ---- Duron XL
    -- Passenger Car Motor Oils:
    ---- Supreme
    ---- Supreme Synthetic

    - Grease and Compound :
    -- Peerless LLG and OG
    -- Precision
    -- Thermex

    - Industrial Lubricants :
    -- Compressor Oils :
    ---- Compro,
    ---- Reflo A,
    ---- Reflo Synthetic 68A,
    ---- SPX
    -- Food Grade Oils :
    ---- Purity FG Compressor,
    ---- Purity FG EP Gear,
    ---- Purity FG Heat Transfer,
    ---- Purity FG AW Hydraulic,
    ---- Purity FG WO White,
    ---- Purity FG Food Machinery
    -- Heat Transfer Fluids :
    ---- Calflo AF,
    ---- Calflo HTF,
    ---- Calflo LT
    -- Hydraulic Fluids :
    ---- Hydrex AW
    -- Industrial Gear Oils :
    ---- Enduratex EP and Xl,
    ---- Enduratex Synthetic EP,
    ---- Synduro HB
    -- Natural Gas Engine Oils :
    ---- Sentron LD
    -- Transformator Fluids :
    ---- Luminol TR / TRi
    -- Turbine Oils :
    ---- Turboflo

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